About Us

Our Approach

We are a Detroit-oriented Michigan peace and justice organization opposed to war and state-sponsored sanctions, working to help change our country and the world into a more just and caring society for people from all communities, from within all political persuasions of the progressive Left.

Our Story

We’ve been around since the 1970s as a chapter of the US Peace Council. We are associated with the World Peace Council, an established international anti-war organization that was founded back in the 1940s.

Meet the Team

Our Chapter has restarted with new leadership and the goal of bringing activists together to work on campaigns for peace and justice in the US and around the world – including Move the Money from War to Community campaign and the Sanctions Kill campaign, among many others. Our leadership consists of three officers:

Bill Meyer – Chair of the Michigan Peace Council

A progressive activist for over half a century, who joined the local Chapter in the early 1980s.A member of the music community, as a keyboardist, bandleader, writer and producer of progressive music events. Co-chair of the community peace and justice organization, OneHamtramck


Linda Rayburn – Co-Chair of the Michigan Peace Council

An activist who ran for President on the Workers Party ticket, and dedicated activist with Detroit Will Breathe.




Twyla Meyer – Treasurer of the Michigan Peace Council

Also an activist for over half a century, in the areas of peace and justice, including the Detroit anti-war group, Women in Black, Jewish Voice for Peace, and many others. Co-chair of the community peace and justice organization, OneHamtramck



Next Steps…

Click on the Join USPC button on the top of the page and register as a full-fledged member for $25 yearly. Then you will be notified of our work and membership meetings you can be a part of. We need you in our vital work opposing war and state-sponsored sanctions, which is just another name for ‘war,’ causing death and destruction around the globe. There are many areas that need our work, and we’re just now getting restarted! Hope to be working with you!