May 2nd Discussion/Meeting

  CLICK LINK TO REGISTER: Members and non-members are welcome! We’re starting off the evening with...

US Peace Council Statement on Russia’s Military Intervention in Ukraine


The Escalating Crisis in Ukraine Poses an Imminent Threat to World Peace!

MLK’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech

April 4th Meeting/Discussion

The Michigan Peace Council invites you to join us for our monthly meeting on the first Mondays...

Detroit Anti-War Rally March 7th

March 7th Meeting/Discussion

Do we need another ‘peace’ group?

U.S. Peace Council Statement on the January 6, 2021 Events in Washington DC

The deep political and social contradictions of the U.S. capitalist system, which were becoming increasingly visible to...

A Century of U.S. Intervention Created the Immigration Crisis

Anti War Poem

Bay Area poet Fred Norman, a dedicated pacifist in Veterans for Peace, died on December 30. His...

Raoul Peck’s Exterminate All the Brutes

Interview with Bahman Azad

LIVE SHOW: Friday, April 23rd On this show we are speaking with Bahman Azad, Executive Secretary with...