Do we need another ‘peace’ group?

Some people ask what makes the US Peace Council different than the other many peace organizations that are already out there doing great work in this area. Firstly, you don’t have to belong to only ONE organization to change the world. there are many issues and many ways to approach social change. Secondly, the US Peace Council has defined its work very clearly in its Mission Statement on its website page. And the USPC has been around for a LONG time and has initiated many programs that have been developed further by other groups. There IS room for a group like ours, that have a slightly different way to add to the combined work of many great activists. Here is a short summary of some of the aspects of our specific approach to addressing peace and justice in the world:

(1) we are anti-imperialist and anti-war. Some of us are also anti-capitalist, but that’s not a requirement. We like working with people who are not anti-communist and willing to work together against imperialism.

(2) we are internationalists and see the important relations between the world’s countries. We are associated with the World Peace Council and have a firm footing in world issues through the many world organizations we work with.

(3) we are non-interventionists who believe sovereign nations should decide who they want to work with and allow in their country. We do not choose or appoint leaders of other countries, only their people do.

(4) we are for peace and justice, unity and coalition building in the struggle to end imperialism, war and violence.

(5) we oppose all government-imposed sanctions, and consider them a violent form of aggression that kill people. We support people initiated boycotts and sanctions that oppose US intervention

(6) we feel that US imperialism is the most destructive and violent force in world history, using tactics including assassinations, coups, regime change, government overthrow, sanctions and war. We demand money be used for communities not war!

(7) we also join with organizations in struggles around other issues such as human rights, climate change, economic justice, abolishing nuclear weapons, safe energy, and many more.

IF you like our approach, we would encourage you to consider joining the US Peace Council and you will be assigned to our Michigan Chapter to work together for a better world! Peace!

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