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After a long span of inactivity brought on by the seismic change in world politics, the Michigan Peace Council returns to carry on its work for peace and justice! Originally started in the 1970’s as the US Peace Council – Michigan Chapter, the group had been active in many projects and campaigns until the early 1990’s.

Many Detroit political dignitaries worked closely with the Chapter, including legendary councilpersons Erma Henderson and Maryanne Mahaffey. Michele Stone-Artt led the group through most of those years, and will be offering some historical facts and memories in future articles.

In 1987, the Chapter hosted the USPC National Conference which took place at Wayne State University in the Community Arts Auditorium. It was there that the Detroit Tribute to Paul Robeson and his Work for Peace debuted. Produced and written by Bill Meyer, Pat Fry and Woody Miller, the musical production featured interviews with many of the Detroit political dignitaries that were close to Robeson when he visited the city. It featured the Hartford Church Choir and Rev. Adams who was a close friend of Robeson. The show is still available for viewing on YouTube.

If you have info about the history of the Michigan Peace Council that you’d like to share with our readers, please forward to or call Bill Meyer at 313-657-8493  Thanks!


Please CLICK the “Join USPC” button at the top of the page. Yearly dues are only $25 and will automatically assign you to the Michigan Chapter, where you will be notified of local activities and membership meetings. We invite you to become active with our Chapter and its many progressive campaigns including — Move the Money from War to Communities, Sanctions Kill. You can also help fund our LOCAL work by clicking on the DONATE button to the right.  HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!




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