The Michigan Peace Council is sponsoring a demonstration in solidarity with worldwide rallies protesting the NATO Summit in Madrid THAT STARTS THIS THURSDAY IN MADRID. Our NO TO NATO – YES TO PEACE Rally that took place last FRIDAY, JUNE 24th from 5-6pm at the corners of Woodward Ave. and 9 Mile Rd in Ferndale, Michigan had to compete with another rally against the Supreme Court decision to overthrow Roe v Wade.


We urge you to attend and bring signs and banners protesting NATO, the U.S. War Machine and the expanding military budget that is seriously affecting social and economic conditions in our own country.


The World Peace Council has released this statement:

Yes to Peace – No to NATO! Disengage from NATO and Dissolve It!

The biggest war machine in history, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is having its Summit on 29-30 June in Madrid, Spain. One more summit where the war hawks of 30 countries and their governments will ratify and develop their imperialist plans as the “world sheriff’.”

The history of NATO is full of crimes, wars, interventions and Coup d’Etats. NATO was never a defensive organisation and even less today. It was and is the armed wing of US and EU imperialism.

The World Peace Council was from the first moment of NATO’s foundation against it, our members and friends are fighting in the NATO member states for the disengagement from NATO and for its dissolution as such.

This struggle becomes even more timely and necessary when we observe the plans for further enlargement of NATO with Sweden and Finland an act which will fuel the war in the Ukraine and the aggressiveness of NATO. NATO is taking advantage of the war for its expansionist plans; it is further fuelling the war at the expense of the Ukrainian and Russian people who were living fraternally together and in peace for 70 years. This war, and in connection with it the NATO’s plans, enhances the dangers for a more generalized war of global dimensions. The war has to end and a political negotiated solution has to be found based on the founding principles of the UN Charter. NATO’s plans must be fought against by the peoples of the world!

The World Peace Council is calling upon all member and friendly organisations in the world to organize and hold protest events, rallies and demonstrations denouncing the imperialist plans and actions of NATO around the dates of the NATO summit, which is going to be held in Madrid on 29-30 June.

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