Twy Memorial Videos on Zoom April 4-5th

TWYLA MEYER was the Co-Chair of Michigan Peace Council and passed away October 22, 2022

Two Memorials took place on Dec 4th and 11th to honor her memory. These are videos of those events.


TUES. APRIL 4th 7:00 pm  (discussion 8:30pm)

DEC 4th MEMORIAL PART 1 @ The International Institute 80 min

passcode: 188114

WED APRIL 5th 7:00 pm (discussion 9:30pm)

DEC 4th MEMORIAL PART 2 @ The International Institute 67 min


passcode: 620820


from Bill:

I’m excited to announce that after 3 months of intense editing, I have finally finished the most important project in my life. The two amazing Memorials for Twyla were so powerful and moving that I wanted to save them forever and share them with all her friends. I’ve added music, photos and video clips to make these videos an even more powerful testament to the amazing life of our beloved Twyla. Many commented, even some of her closest friends, that they learned so many new things about her at these memorials. They were described by many as some of the most impressive loving tributes they’ve ever seen.

For those who were unable to attend these inspiring and unforgettable Memorials for Twyla, and even for those who were part of them, here’s a chance to experience the love and revolutionary spirit that filled the room. The videos have much more content, pictures and music than the events themselves. We’ll share thoughts and feelings after the screening, so if you can join for only that, please come on at the discussion time using the same link.

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